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About Us

Thank you for visiting the Vanitto brand web site, we hope you have a fantastic experience and enjoy the beautiful jewelry we have designed for you.
What we do and provide
Vanitto is a jewelry fashion boutique based in London, UK. At Vanitto, our sole objective is to bring to the market the most beautiful, appealing, elegant natural gemstones jewelry so that YOU can look fabulous and be able to wear the most thought of gemstones jewelry designs. When we design jewelry, we have only two things in mind, the quality of the product and YOU. Therefore, we tour the world's gemstones markets to source the best %100 natural gemstones pieces and use these unique natural pieces to produce a unique and elegantly designed jewelry item which we aim to be satisfactory to your taste. 
What sort of expertise we have
At Vanitto, we work with some of the best talents in the gemstones markets. Be it designers, appraisers, fashion critics, fashion boutique owners and a unique and very exclusive clientele. We bring all these expertise into our boutique space to mastermind some really exquisite jewelry designs. 
How we do things and what we can offer
We have a very unique and strict line of work. We source the best possible %100 natural gemstones from mines around the world and send all the gemstones to a professional lab where they are inspected and appraised. Once appraised and approved, all gemstones are sent to our boutique house in London where our designers use the best accessories to put together a jewelry item for you, such as, high-end silk threads, natural leather, pure silver clasps, gold plated spacers.
Why what we offer is good for you
Fashion is on our minds and sights 24/7. We keep up with all the fashion trends around the world to spot the gaps for complimentary jewelry which can go with the latest clothes designs. So, you can be sure that what you find in our boutique has been designed with the latest fashion trends in mind and you will be able to purchase a matching set of jewelry for your dress, handbag or even shoes. 
How is the Vanitto jewelry unique and different from what is offered on the market
There are a lot of jewelry designers, makers, providers in the market, but do they all provide the same gemstones quality? Do they provide the best designs for the market? Do they all provide matching sets for your outfits? The answer is: most DO NOT. So, don't spend your money on jewelry you are not sure about, because at Vanitto, we believe you deserve more and better. 
The gemstones market is a very difficult and complicated international market, and without the extensive knowledge we posses in those markets it would be absolutely impossible to bring to you those beautiful pieces of jewelry we have designed for you. We are extremely proud to claim that very little people have the same extensive knowledge and connections we have in the international gemstones markets. For example, our agents are based outside a number of very important gemstones mines to source the best stones that have been mined on the day in order to get the best most natural stones at the best prices possible. 
We do all that so you can be satisfied with the quality of the jewelry you are purchasing. 
Our goals for the future
At Vanitto, growing the Vanitto brand and improving the quality goes hand in hand. We aim to grow the brand step-by-step by increasing the range of products we offer you while maintaining the excellent quality you receive from us. As such, our objective for the next two years, by end of 2015, is to launch a high-end, very high quality handbags collection followed by an exclusive collection of female shoes by end of 2016.