Unlike traditional semi-precious gemstones, amber is actually a form of fossilised resin that was exuded from trees thousands of years ago. Due to the fact that the natural processes which produced this material can be varied, there are likewise several grades of amber. Some will have natural inclusions, others will be relatively soft while still others can be shaped and moulded into various designs. Thus, amber jewellery tends to be some of the most unique and original to be found.

Often times, amber will be used alongside other "earthy" materials including leather or unpolished silver. However, amber is also quite popular for its use with precious metals such as gold and silver.

This ancient material is known to exhibit an opalescent and translucent quality; colours generally ranging from yellow to sienna and brown. In fact, there are even examples of blue amber such as those found in the Dominican Republic. Due to this remarkable versatility, amber is quite popular amongst the fashion conscious.