While precious metals and designs are certainly attractive qualities to any piece of jewellery, it is often said (and rightfully so) that the gemstone defines its character. Thankfully, there are numerous stones which exhibit nearly every colour, shape, texture and lustre imaginable. Thus, a bespoke necklace, ring or bracelet can serve to directly define the wearer.

Gemstone jewellery is as popular on the red carpet as it is in the back office. It is adored by teenagers and senior citizens alike. Jewellery that boasts such stones is most likely as old as human civilisation itself.

In modern times, these unique and colourful pieces are used to punctuate an evening gown or simply as a subtle addition to a workplace ensemble. Precious stones such as rubies and diamonds are naturally the most desirable, but other equally attractive gems including peridot, garnet and amethyst can make an equally stunning impression. These are but a few reasons why gemstones are truly one of nature's greatest gifts.