Pearl jewellery designers Vanitto have created some of the most original and unforgettable pieces of jewellery to be found within the 21st century marketplace. The approach that we take espouses originality with a sense of timelessness that only freshwater pearls can exhibit. There is something indeed very immortal in regards to these semi-precious items; their iridescence reflecting beauty and life. This will allow our bespoke necklaces, bracelets and earrings to display an immortality and subtle flavour that will easily become the highlight of any ensemble. So, it proves wise to take a further look at what has allowed our line of jewellery to represent one of the most popular in the industry.

The Synergy of Form and Functionality

At Vanitto, we are well aware that one of the hallmarks of quality is the ability to find a careful balance between style and form. The end result is a blended symmetry that enables our pieces to be just as suited for casual outings as they are within formal dinners or red carpet events. Due to the fact that our quality freshwater pearls are available in a wide variety of size, shapes and colours, our pieces are easily able to match and highlight any wardrobe; adding a bit of classy flair while not detracting from the ensemble itself. Such an understated appeal allows these pieces to reflect both sophistication and functionality.

Unforgettable Designs

All of our pieces embrace the concept that one aspect should not dominate another. Thus, our freshwater pearls are set in balance with the other features of the jewellery. We allow the natural light of these pearls to shine through within our pristine silver necklaces, bracelets and earrings. This results in a quality that will highlight the opalescent nature of the pearls themselves. In addition, our designs reflect an appeal that will not prove overly gaudy or flashy. These items mirror a classical elegance ideally suited for the most discriminating of wearers.

Affordable and Classy Elegance

At Vanitto, we believe that even the most luxurious designs should be accessible to the average person. We only choose the finest of pearls and should their appeal not meet our strict criteria, they will be promptly rejected. The end result of this stance is our ability to provide all of our customers with some of the most unique and stylised designs that are currently on the market.
Along similar lines, the elegance that we offer is seen as second-to-none throughout our line of necklaces, bracelets and earrings. We imbue a hint of vintage appeal with a 21st century flavour. This further enables our jewellery to be appropriate for a variety of occasions. From perfectly round freshwater pearls necklaces to delicately shaped teardrop pearl earrings, our intention is to bring class and sophistication to our customers at amenable prices.

A Pearl for Every Need

One of the most unforgettable qualities of pearls is their ability to come in numerous sizes, shapes and colours. We spare no expense to employ this variety into our accessories. At Vanitto, our customers can fully expect to enjoy a choice of numerous sizes and shapes. Gentle hues of whites, silvers, grays and pinks will provide a hint of personality while not detracting from the designs themselves.
These are but a handful of reasons that we are one of the most respected brands in the pearl jewellery market. Blending style, elegance and sophistication, we are happy to be redefining the fine jewellery industry.