Freshwater pearls jewellery represent some of the most sought after accessories in the fashion market today. Pearls reflect the very real process of life; allowing wearers to adorn themselves with these veritable jewels from the deep. At Vanitto, we take great pride in our ability to offer the discerning and modern woman the choice of a wide variety of colours, styles and options. These pearls display an unrivalled elegance while maintaining an opalescent personality that is ideally suited for any occasion. Let us take a look at why freshwater pearls are so alluring and how we employ them to create some of the most unique jewellery designs in the industry.

Brilliant Ingenuity

Also known as cultured pearls, freshwater pearls are created by tissue grafts that are placed within the thick mantle of a living mussel. Biology aside, the end results are natural pearls that come in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes and colours. Additionally these pearls will contain less organic material than their natural counterparts. This attribute allows freshwater pearls to boast an unforgettable, glassy lustre. Freshwater pearls are also quite durable; they will actively resist chipping and breaking. Of final note is that for those who enjoy the look and feel of pearls but wish to take advantage of a lower price tag, these alternatives are the items of choice. 

Numerous Shapes

At Vanitto, we are well aware of these aforementioned benefits and have incorporated their design into many of our contemporary pieces. Our bracelets will offer the same unique qualities that have allowed freshwater pearls to become widely popular and the wearer can rest assured that their durability will allow them to be worn around the home or office. The same can be said for the selection of necklaces that we design. While one may be limited to the spherical shapes of natural pearls, our freshwater perals come in a wide variety of unique designs that can suit a variety of needs. These pearls can be in the shape of rice, semi-round, potato-shaped or nearly perfectly round; reflecting a more traditional feel.

Colours Galore

A unique aspect of all freshwater pearls is that they come in a variety of colours. However, these hues are merely subtle hints of whites, silvers, grays and pinks. This will allow these remarkable additions to compliment any ensemble with a gentle flavour that entices are opposed to overpowers. Our designers embrace this concept, for one of the tenets that we adhere to at Vanitto is to provide unique pieces that will not appear overly "loud" or detract from one's wardrobe. 

These different shades are therefore perfectly designed for wedding dresses, formal occasions or simply to wear around the workplace. Such a unique combination of durability, shine and elegance is one of the many reasons that we have become known in the industry throughout London and abroad.

Luxury Within a Budget

As mentioned previously, freshwater pearls offer an ambiance of elegance without the hefty price tag. So, our pieces are perfect for those who do not wish to sacrifice quality for cost. Elegance and economics will therefore go hand-in-hand when one chooses the selection that we currently offer.

Freshwater pearls jewellery are simply some of the most stunning accessories that one can choose to wear. Subtle flavour is innately blended with a luxury that is certain to turn heads and give the wearer a truly unforgettable look. At Vanitto, the only factor more attractive than the items themselves are the price at which they can be enjoyed.