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The Story

Rami was educated in London and graduated with a degree in Business Management and Information Systems. Upon graduation, Rami went to work for a global awards-winning digital agency in central London.

On a business trip to China in 2010, Rami decided to pay a visit to the biggest trading centre for Freshwater pearls in the world, located 3 hours by train from Shanghai. The scale of the operation within the centre was so big that it accommodates for over 3000 shops under one roof – the size of a huge shopping mall. On display, was a large collection of freshwater pearls and to a lesser extent high quality Tahitian and South Sea Pearls of all colours, mostly loose but some made into very beautiful jewellery with diamonds. Despite Rami’s lack of knowledge on gemstones, pearls and diamonds at the time, he instantly fell in love with Mother Nature’s little beauties.

Upon returning to London, Rami’s mind has already been made up to go on an adventure with something he is passionate about – jewellery and gemstones. So, that’s where it all started.

So the next step was to explore the market. From costume, every-day, engagement, bridal, special occasions, silver, gold, and much more, the jewellery market is so vast that consumers often find themselves confused at what jewellery piece is the best value for their money. And with so many options to navigate through, Rami had tough but fun times looking at different jewellery and analysing – often resulting in sleepless nights – in order to decide on what suits his passion and desire best and connect that passion to his consumers.  

From that point on, Rami planned various trips abroad starting with a trip to the infamous Burmese Rubies mines of Mogok where the most valuable and expensive Rubies have been mined for centuries. But, before boarding the plane, Rami insured that he is armed with the necessary tools and skills so he enrolled at GIA to study gemmology. Upon completion of his GIA education, Rami was ready to start an exciting journey of sourcing precious gems directly from the mines. Next stop on the list was China followed by Bangkok where Rami had the pleasure of inspecting various collections of very valuable gemstones such as Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Diamonds and Pearls with the aim of sourcing the best gems for his upcoming collections ensuring all the focus is on value and quality.    

At that point, many of the jigsaw pieces were in place and the one and the most important of all pieces that remained was the consumers themselves. So, Rami set up meetings with valuable consumers and often discussed jewellery and gemstones for hours coming to a conclusion that most consumers were often unhappy at either the cost of their jewellery pieces being so high or the quality of the jewellery and gemstones were not good enough. And, with that precious feedback from consumers came the idea of the Vanitto brand where Rami aims to provide jewellery pieces at an affordable cost and high quality.

Nowadays, Rami enjoys designing new jewellery pieces made of fine precious stones, pearls and diamonds set mainly in 18k gold from the Vanitto offices based just 100 meters away from the worlds’ most luxurious brands in central London – New Bond Street. From London to Bangkok to Hong Kong, Rami is a regular at all major gems and jewellery shows and exhibitions around the world where he is known amongst jewellery and gemstones brands as the “best quality at the best price” man.